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CLA Healthcare is brought to you by Punter Southall Health & Protection, an independent healthcare intermediary with over 25 years' experience in sourcing health cover to suit the needs of their clients.

Whether it is private medical insurance, health screening, dental or travel insurance, at CLA Healthcare we pride ourselves on operating a dedicated team that delivers high quality, consistent support: a team that will work with you to design a healthcare package to meet your needs.

Private Medical Insurance

CLA Healthcare gives you the opportunity to create your own healthcare plan and build the right level of cover to best suit your needs. Whether you are thinking of investing in private medical insurance for the first time, or have had a policy for a number of years, you can utilise the services to ensure you have the right level of cover and the right benefits at the right price.

New to private medical insurance?

If you are considering private medical insurance for the first time, CLA Healthcare will complete a full and comprehensive review of the market for you, consulting with a number of insurers, and subsequently recommend a policy that best suits your specific requirements. We will answer any questions you may have regarding the policy and explain the key specific elements to you.

Already have insurance?

If you would like a review of your current arrangements to ensure you are receiving the best return on your investment, CLA Healthcare will undertake a full market review on your behalf. We will compare offers from a variety of product providers with the aim of reducing premiums without lowering benefit levels. Advances in medical technology, changing hospital scales, and Jargon such as ‘directional care’ make it confusing for anyone without experience to understand. We will ensure your requirements are still being met and you’re not paying for cover you don’t need.

Why buy Private Medical Insurance

  • Specialist referrals

    • You can ask your GP to refer you to an expert specialist working privately to get a second opinion or specialist treatment.
  • Reduce the waiting time

    • You can use your insurance to reduce the time you spend waiting for NHS treatment if your wait time is more than six weeks.
  • Choose your surgeon and hospital

    • In some cases it is possible to choose a surgeon and hospital to suit your time and place – which is not possible on the NHS.
  • Get a private room

    • You can use it to get a private room with an en-suite and unrestricted visiting hours rather than staying in an open ward which could be mixed sex.
  • Physiotherapy

    • You get quicker access to physiotherapy sessions if you have Insurance than you would through NHS treatment.
  • Specialist drugs and treatment may be available

    • Some specialist drugs and treatments aren’t available on the NHS because they’re too expensive or not approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in England and Wales (NICE) or the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC).

24/7 GP Telephone Consultation Service

When taking out a healthcare plan with CLA Healthcare, as an added benefit, we are delighted to provide you with a private GP Telephone Consultation Service. This service enables you to talk in confidence to a qualified practising GP without the worry and inconvenience of time constraints.

Why would I need this service?

  • If you have difficulty getting through to your surgery or face a long wait for an appointment.
  • If you lead a busy lifestyle and you find it difficult to get to a GP surgery during opening hours.
  • If you are not sure whether a medical problem is important enough to see your GP.
  • If you want more time to discuss your concerns in your own time, or want a second opinion.

The CLA Healthcare GP Telephone Consultation Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

Dental Insurance

Visiting the dentist is not just about looking after your teeth, infections in the mouth can cause problems in other parts of the body.

What problems could my dental health cause?

  • Heart disease

  • Strokes

  • Diabetes

  • Premature and low-birth-weight babies

  • Respiratory (lung disease)

Through CLA Healthcare CLA members have access to a bespoke dental scheme with the first month free.

The plan includes

  • Free choice of dentist, either NHS or private

  • No dental checks required prior to acceptance

  • Pre-existing conditions covered (except pre-existing oral cancer)

  • Immediate cover

  • No limit to the number of claims

  • Cover of emergency charges, overnight hospital stays, and implants

The plans and the premiums

The following levels of cover are suggested as a strong fit for a diverse membership population

Clear 1 – reimburses 100% of NHS charges, to an annual maximum of £550 for routine treatment and £550 for accident/sports injury treatment. If you take this level but receive private treatment, you can still claim, but will be reimbursed 100% of the NHS equivalent charge.

Clear 3 – is suitable for those attending a private dentist charging up to mid-range fees. Annual maximums of £1,250 apply (£2,500 in total).

Clear 5 – offers higher levels of reimbursement for those attending a more expensive private dentist. Annual maximums of £2,000 apply (£4,000 in total).

Health Screening

The UK population is living for longer, but living longer doesn’t mean staying healthy for longer. Early detection of potential issues can be key to achieving a fit and fulfilling retirement.

Tests can now look for health issues such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis years before you experience symptoms and while you can’t reverse these conditions you can take preventative measures to slow down their progression.

It is fascinating to think that you can have diabetes 12 years before any symptoms surface, and that your blood vessels can be blocked by 75% before you experience any issues. Without regular health checks you may not be aware that you have health problems developing.*

CLA Healthcare has developed a health screening programme that can be conducted in the home using the very latest mobile testing equipment. Each assessment is undertaken by experienced screening practitioners, supported by GP’s and is designed to be as non intrusive as possible.

*UK National Screening Committee, Jan 2010

Tests Include

  • Gout blood tests

  • Osteoporosis

  • Heart rate variability

  • Bowel cancer (men and women over 40)

  • Bilirubin (liver disease test)

  • Prostate disease test (men over 40)

  • Thyroid test (women over 40)

  • Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)

For a full list of what is covered within the health screen speak to CLA Healthcare.

Individual health screen cost £250, a minimum spend of £500 applies. Alternative products are available for businesses.

Travel Insurance

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office says one in ten over fifty five year olds do not always take out travel cover, despite half having a medical condition.

Finding travel insurance when you have a pre-existing medical condition can be a challenge. Often insurance companies shy away from difficult risks prompting some consumers to take a potentially financially catastrophic risk and travel uninsured. One night in hospital in the USA can cost up to $10,000. There are many people who believe they’re uninsurable, simply because they are considered too old or have previous or ongoing medical conditions making them too great a risk. That is not necessarily true.

Working with our trusted partner AllClear Travel we believe everyone has the right to travel no matter what the medical condition, destination or age.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you cover my medical conditions?

    • It is very likely. When you go through the application process you must declare all pre-existing conditions and then we will show you the quotes available to you.
  • Do I need to complete a medical application?

    • Yes. All pre-existing conditions must be declared to ensure you are fully covered.
  • Can I take out an annual policy for pre-existing medical conditions?

    • Yes you can. Due to each provider having varying terms, we will only show you those provider’s that have valid products for your conditions, age and trip duration.
  • Do you cover terminal conditions?

    • In certain circumstances, yes. If you have ticked the terminal prognosis box you will be referred to one of our customer care team where we will determine if there is appropriate cover for you.
  • Do the policies include 24 hour Medical Emergency support?

    • All of our providers offer this facility. Full details can be found in the individual policy wordings, which will be sent out to you when you buy a policy.
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